Elise Barbot and Roque Bravo in Stockholm 2024 13-15 June Workshops and Show in Stockholm

Elise Barbot and Roque Bravo in Stockholm

June 13-15 2024

We welcome our colleagues for the first time in Stockholm.

Elise and Roque are two amazing dancers who share an exquisite tango together. The Somos Tango Team has worked with them hand in hand during many years in Buenos Aires and is proud to present them to the community of Tango in Sweden.

They will teach 4 workshops and dance a show at our End-of-season CHE Practica.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know them!

Elise Barbot is French, she fell in love with tango at the age of 20, in Toulouse. As a result of this, she decided to travel to Buenos Aires, to experience her art and train as a professional Tango dancer. She has been living in Argentina since 2010. She trained for 6 years at the renowned DNI Tango school, where she worked as a teacher and dancer for the company with her teacher Dana Frigoli. It was also at DNI that she met his current dance partner, Roque Bravo

Roque Bravo is a teacher and professional tango dancer. He trained in classical dance at the Instituto Universitario Patagonico de Danza. He nurtured his dance with different techniques such as contemporary and amenco. He has been dancing folklore since she was 6 years old, participating in festivals. He entered the world of tango at the age of 16. He was part of the teaching staff at one of the most important schools in Buenos Aires, DNI Tango. In addition to participating in several works of the company. He is currently a tango teacher at the Cultura Tango studio in Buenos Aires.

Elise and Roque have danced together since 2020 and have continued to train as professionals since then with renowned teachers: Fernando Galera, Javier Rodriguez, Susana Ferrante and Jonathan Spitel, among others. They also participated and won several recognized championships and contests in the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

🔹🔷 Workshops
🔹 W1- Sequence, 2 orquestas.
Musicality lesson, we will apply the same movement to 2 different orchestras and musical interpretation
🔹W2- Circular sequences
Discovering the DNA of the torsion!
Timing, quality, and size of the pivot
Use the point of contact of the embrace in relation to the floor.
🔹 W3- Sacadas vs Ganchos
Relation between the base of the leader and the base of the follower to organize sacadas and ganchos.
🔹 W4- Tools for changes of dynamic
How to use the tone, the point of contact, and the traction to change dynamics.
🔹🔷 Schedule:
🔹 Friday
Ws 1: 18:00 to 19:30
Ws 2: 19:45 to 21:15
🔹 Saturday
Ws 3: 12.00 to 13.30
Ws 4: 13.45 to 15.15
🔹🔷 Price:
Full package: 1000 sek
Single Workshop: 290 sek
🔹🔷 Location:
📍Location of all seminars:
Lövholmsvägen 61, Stockholm
Pre-Register: somostangostockholm@gmail.com
🔹🔷 Show:
Elise and Roque will perform a 💃🏽🕺show on Saturday in our end of season CHE Practica🤩


Lövholmsvägen 61, 117 65 Stockholm, Sweden