theme courses

Follow a theme-focused course that will help you achieve your goals step-by-step. Complete the whole process with the same group and your fixed partner in case of couples-only courses.

Theme Courses are 4-week long, with one 75-minute class per week.

Each Theme Course occurs only once in the season, so make sure you don’t miss any of them!

Theme Courses require registration, this means you will need to enroll for the whole 4-week course to participate.

You may join once the course has started, but you will still need to pay for the whole course.

To ensure the best attention to our students, the maximum amount of students admitted to each course will be 24.

The minimum amount of students required to open the course is 6. You will be notified shortly before the start of the course if this minimum hasn’t been reached.

If this is the case, you are still going to be able to learn Tango with us by joining our Drop-in lessons lessons, taking Private Lessons or even Semi-Private lessons!



Starting date: may 2

For solo dancers
Stability, speed, control, dynamics… all you ever wanted to learn about enrosques will be contained in this fantastic 4-step program with highly experienced instructors.
Leaders and also followers are welcome here!

Registration closed



Starting date: april 4

For couples
Step by step, master the milonga rhythm with the help of our teachers. Shake off your fear, increase your repertoire, keep calm and dance this tanda away!

Registration closed



Starting date: March 7

For couples
This intensive program will help you dance comfortably to the rhythm of tango waltz. You will get fundamental keys to tune with the music and sequences to flow during the whole tanda. From simple to complex, this course will take you to the next step!

Registration closed



Starting date: February 8

For solo dancers (no need to register in couples)
The course you’ve been waiting for is here: a 4-week program to embelish your tango in every possible way. Increase your repertoire and understand the keys to create your own beautiful decorations as you dance.

Registration closed

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