tango technique
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Embark on a Tango technique Transformation

Our Tango Technique Programs are captivating 8 to 9-week journeys designed for all roles and dance levels.

Dive into the art of tango movement, refine your body’s grace, and unlock a realm of self-expression like never before.


You don’t need to register to join the program. Simply drop in!

Although we recommend doing the full program, don’t worry if you miss a class. You will be able to follow the rest of the lessons.

Our program embraces your pace. With 9 exciting sessions, you have the flexibility to embrace the journey on your terms.

Technique is all about self awareness and solo work. You will sometimes work with one or more classmates, but roles won’t be important.

Why Choose Our tango technique Program?

Expert Guidance: Our tango mentors accompany dancers of all levels, offering expert insights tailored to your growth.

Progressive Mastery: Progress through each class, from fundamental footwork to nuanced dorsal muscle control.

Unleash Your Unique Dance: Whether you’re new to tango or an experienced dancer, discover the richness of your dance expression.

Program 1
august to october 2023

the body

Week 1 – August 17

Feet: Lay the foundation of your dance by gaining awareness of your feet’s potential and strengthening them. Ignite your dance with elegance from the ground up.

Week 2 – August 24

Knees: Discover the magic of knee articulation, adding fluidity and charm to every step while keeping your joints healthy and pain-free.

Week 3 – August 31

Abductor Muscles: Unveil the power of these muscles for stability and grace, creating a mesmerizing dance connection.

Week 4 – September 7

Base Leg: Draw the power from the ground and energize your full body. Strengthen your base for stability, agility and a smooth connection with your partner.

Week 5 – September 14

Free Leg: Embrace freedom in movement as you explore the expressive potential of your free leg.


Week 6 – September 21

Hips: Dive deep into the hinge between the ground and the embrace. Discover the subtleties that make a big difference in your overall sensation and dancing potential.

Week 7 – September 28

Spine: Rise from the floor and reach to the stars. Get a hold of your axis and spiral into your next movement with flawless grace.

Week 8 – October 5

Center: Find your internal ‘leader’, from where every movement roots, and experience full-body movements with cohesion and control.

Week 9 – October 12

Dorsal Muscles: Conclude by unlocking the strength of your back muscles, adding depth and precision to your movements.

Program 2
October to December 2023

the connection

Week 1 – October 19

The whole: Putting the pieces together. Feel all your body parts at once, owrking in synergy to dance in harmony.

Week 2 – October 26

The axis and the oppositions. What is the axis and how do we build it? What are its limits and how to handle them?

Week 3 – November 2

The weight and the push: What are we referring to when we talk about weight? Get familiar with yours and use it in favor of movement and expression.

Week 4 – November 9

The intention: What comes before movement and why is it so important?

Week 5 – November 16

The adornos: What, how and why?

Week 6 – November 23

The orchestras in the body: How to move in tune with the styles of D’Arienzo, Di sarli and Pugliese?

Week 7 – November 30

The musicality: Expressing different layers of the music.

Week 8 – December 7

The expression: Infusing meaning into your steps.


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